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Worshiping together is an integral component of our life as a faith community. Although we worship in an unconventional space we still observe all the traditions included in a eucharistic liturgy. Everyone is called to participate in the mass and there is ample opportunity to get more involved through various worship ministries. Our ushers, greeters, choir members, lectors, chalice bearers, vergers, altar guild and worship committee members work hard to make our worship meaningful for all. We encourage everyone to prayerfully reflect on where they may want to share their spiritual gifts.

Worship Committee


The Worship Committee is advisory to the Rector. While the clergy is ultimately responsible for the worship life of All Souls, this committee helps the clergy understand what is happening within the parish’s community life.

Composed of clergy, parish staff, and laity, this committee discusses ways to enhance worship while preserving those traditions that are meaningful to the parish. Individual members also take on the responsibility of ensuring that the intentions of the committee are carried out, thereby allowing the focus of the clergy to be shared within other ministerial aspects of the church.

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild are those who have been called by God to prepare the altar before worship and to attend to the care and keeping of those elements between services. This includes washing and pressing the linens, cleaning the vessels, and other general housekeeping.

At All Souls this is an unusually creative ministry, responding to frequent stage changes as the altar is incorporated in the set and becomes the focal point of the worship service. If you are interested in serving the parish in this manner, please let the Rector or church office know.

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Although acolytes are very visible in their albs (long white robes), much of their work goes unseen. They are responsible for lighting and extinguishing candles on the altar, carrying the tall processional cross during the service, burning incense during outdoor worship, and – most importantly – helping clergy to prepare the weekly Eucharist. This ministry is an integral part of our worship, and is open to older children as well as adults.


Our choir plays a leading role in worship through the singing of hymns, canticles, psalms, anthems, and other service music. These spirited volunteer singers and musicians rehearse on alternate Wednesdays and sing each Sunday at the Holy Eucharist and other appointed services. Anyone is welcome to join the choir, which is led by Music Director John Dosher.

Worshi Committee
Altar Guild
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