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Godly Play 


Ages 4 to 12

Children have an innate sense of the presence of God. The Godly Play approach helps them to explore their faith through story, to gain religious language and to enhance their spiritual experience through wonder and play. Based on Montessori principles the Godly Play method serves children through early, middle and late childhood and beyond. Come join us!

Godly Play is the way in which we both teach children the stories of the Bible and help them to integrate the truth of these stories into their lives. From 4 to 12 years of age, we offer classes that help them enter into and experience these Biblical stories. You may hear terms like threshold, storyteller, and doorkeeper to name a few.

All Souls Nursery

Ages Birth to 4

We offer nursery care during our 10:00AM service for infants and toddlers. Overseen by a licensed professional caregiver, augmented by parishioners.  We not only see this is an important gift to our parents in allowing them the margin to focus their minds and hearts on the music, sermon, and liturgy, but we also believe that holding babies, and playing with toddlers are holy activities in which God is present and active. For more information or any questions, contact our Nursery Coordinator, Alyssa Dickerson.


Worship Committee

An advisory committee for the Priest-in-Charge



Called by God to prepare and care for the altar elements



Although very visible in their albs, much of their work is unseen



Worship through hymns, canticles, psalms, or anthems

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